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Campus Facilities

(1) University Library

Iwate University Public Library is generally open to students and the local community every day. In addition to housing 850,000 books and journals, the library has a gallery and open spaces for study breaks. The library is a place for people to absorb knowledge and to exchange ideas.

(2) University Student Union (Univ. Co-op)

The University Student Union offers a good selection of books, stationary supplies, snacks, and other various sundries. In addition, it houses a train and bus ticket office, a housing and local real estate information desk, and an insurance company. There are ATMs adjacent to the Univ. Co-op.

(3) Cafeterias

There are three cafeterias on campus. The largest cafeteria can accommodate up to 540 people. In addition, a more formal restaurant, a student lounge, and a barber shop are located near the central cafeteria.

(4) Global Education Center

Iwate University aims to educate students able to contribute both to our global society and to academic progress. The Global Education Center initiates, plans, and manages projects with foreign institutions, such as scholar and student exchanges. For international students at the university, we provide Japanese language and cultural education as well as academic advising and daily-life support. In addition, we plan and promote cross-cultural exchange and communication between the international students and the local community.

(5) Health Care Center

The Health Care Center provides health examinations and medical treatment for students and administrative and academic staff. Other types of services, such as mental and physical health consultations, advice on lifestyle, campus hygiene and preventative measures against infectious diseases, are also provided to improve the health of the campus community.
●Iwate University Health Care Center/ Student Center Building A 1F

There are several museums on campus such as the Historical Museum for Agricultural Education, an important national cultural property designated by the Japanese government, and the University Museum. Additional facilities for extracurricular student activities are located on campus. They include athletic fields, tennis courts, gymnasiums, and a swimming pool.

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