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Global Village Recap! (2017.07.21 掲載)


Alaska native and farming methods researcher Cole Murphy taught us how to make dioramas showcasing balanced and sustainable farming ideas, including water sourcing, shelter, crop rotation, animal care, environmental considerations, electricity generation, and even wifi.  

Participants enjoyed collaborating in English and Japanese, creating models representing aspects within a Satoyama-style farming concept. When pieced together, these aspects brought to light the synergy and value of sustainable farming.

For our next Global Village event, an Iwate University graduate student proposes a unique form of feline communication. All are welcome to attend!

Wed, July 26, 12-1pm, Student Center-B. Bring your lunch, and a friend!  



726() 12時〜1 学生センターB1 グローバルビレッジでお待ちしています。 ランチを持ってお友達も誘ってグローバルビレッジへ!