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Research student application (for Residents in Abroad) from April 2019 has started (2018.10.11)

Application for research students from April, 2019(for residents in Abroad only)has started.

Application Period: October 24th (Wed) - November 1st (Thu), 2018

A student will be accepted as a research student only in the case there are not any difficulties in research and education. So, please turn in the specified application documents during the period above after obtaining the informal consent from a professor whom you want to be supervised in advance.
*All required documents must be submitted directly by a proxy or
a supervisor to the window #1 at the Student Center A.

Besides, this is NOT the applicaion information of vetarinary-in-training.

For application forms and the other notes, please have a look at the application guideline.
You can download the application guideline and the application form from the attached data below.

*Please remember...
You need a prescribed form of our university regarding paying testing fee. Please contact to the section below.


Academic Information, Office of Student Services, Iwate University
(Window #1, 1st floor, Student Center A)
Tel: 019-621-6055 Fax: 019-621-6065

Important/ The fee must be paid at a post office. A proxy or a
supervisor should receive the payment form and pay on behalf
of the applicant.

Please refer to the following webpage for further informationof research students

*To apply for the dormitories,
the university will call new residents in early February.
The information and the application form will be
posted on the site below:
Global Education Center, Iwate University
Please submit the application form via e-mail to

PDF文書 Application Guide ( byte)
PDF文書 Application Form ( byte)
Excel文書 Application For Certificate of Eligibility ( byte)